Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oqui's gonna kill me

we have been dutifully and begrudgingly scrubbing, scraping, peeling and arm wrestling with what's left of decades old wallpaper in this house for weeks.
it is a source of irritation, sore arms and DUST.
we agree...people who wallpaper have a reserved spot in the little known 10th ring of wallpapers' hell...where they spend eternity covered in glue, chipping fruitlessly at the mess they made while on this planet.

all that being said...
I wanna do this in the nursery:

the back wall (not the best shot) is "wallpapered" in pages from vintage Little Golden Books.

it IS the absolute cutest idea I've seen thus far...and something I've done in the past.

...(wishing I had pictures)...

I papered the wall behind my mother's piano with pages from old music primer's and sheet music she played as a kid. awesome looking, yellowed pages.

in the lil' dutch colonial in Wyo, the ex and I papered his entire studio in crinkled brown craft paper...a kinda psuedo leather look. later, it became the Prof's nursery and I really liked the warmth and comfiness.

soo...oqui's probably going to want me dead, but I'm going to hit GoodWill and the Salvation Army and start collecting old nursery books.

...then do the unthinkable...

BUY wallpaper paste!


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julia_katch said...

omg that wallpaper idea is awesome! I'm totally doing that for baby #3! Thanks for sharing!