Tuesday, March 2, 2010

buckshot update

a very quick and completely INcomprehensive update (before the Prof gets his hands on another power tool or permanent marker):

-IT'S A BOY! we found out (finally) last week. small fry has a pecker. we also found out that small fry was measuring VERY small fry. couple of moments of panic (amnio suggested, chromosomal defects mentioned, etc)...then some relaxing and trusting...followed by a few days of low-grade (yet persistent) concern (not gonna lie, despite my efforts to accept and relax I lost alot of sleep)...then finally, a call from the midwife yesterday, who, apparently, had an at-length discussion with the perinatologist, told him he got it ferhoodled, the DATING is wrong and small fry is actually developing-perfectly-normally-average-fry.

grood. now, I can eat chocolate and climb without feeling like the devil.

-I'm finally pregnant. hard to get up off the couch. feeling fatigued and my ass has gigantor dimples in it (NOT something I'm thrilled about, mind yo). too hungry to cut back on calories, too exhausted to exercise. just gonna have to ride this one out and maybe buy bigger pants. not too terribly worried...

its all good as long as I keep my pants on.

-home improvements are moving along at a good steady pace. me and the 'pah created a master schedule/list o' chores and have been steadily knocking things off. we picked AND applied a color to the dining room (which, coincidentally is NOTHING like what we thought we'd get). we've got the living room color picked, and just need to finish banishing the wallpaper from our existence. yeah...it'll be a while.

-climbing again! yay. last week we went 3 times. felt.fucking.awesome. I even got up to climbing an overhung brown (5.9ish), but I think in the last 3 days I've become too pregnant for that. I still wanna keep climbing, but have a feeling I'm going to have to put my ballz back in (ballzout!) and just diddle around a little for relaxation. climbing to remove ass dimples at this stage in the game is ill-advised :(

-the Prof is advancing in leaps and bounds. UNBELIEVABLE the skills he's acquired in the last week or two. he's pushing his crib around the room, saying, "uh oh!" shaking his head no and saying "nuh uh" at me when he's about to do something naughty, saying "no touch!" then touching anyway (getting the theme here?). he's made all sorts of progress...and is more dangerous than ever. he now climbs ONTO the dining room table...where he tends to find sharpies, screwdrivers, drills and other contraband. our toddler proofing efforts are going to be stepped up a notch this weekend.

ie. I'm going to get MYSELF a padded helmet and hope for the best.

-nursery planning has come to a screeching halt. mainly...because I kinda had a feeling it was a girl. so all my super secret-kept to myself plans are no longer appropriate (much like the vintage pink plaid dog I bought). I'll have to regroup and come up with some more pecker-friendly ideas. BUT...since I, apparently, have an extra (lovely) three weeks of pregnancy to prepare (fuck that. I don't wanna gain more weight)...

we should have plenty of time.

-actually, advice needed:

do I make one sleep room that the boys share and then make the spare room a play room???


do they each get their own sleep/play space?

I see the advantage to having separate sleep space, but really feel like the play space should be shared. we only have four bedrooms...so I don't have a spare there. we do have the spare family room but it is ANTI-child proof. tile floor (with radiant heat, so carpet wouldn't be an energy-efficient choice), fireplace, climbable cabinets...and it's a stairway removed from the kitchen. (only a concern while preparing meals. they'd ruin the place).

the (currently) spare bedroom would make a nice playroom. bright, cheery, soft carpeting, etc. It does have some built-in climbing apparatae (ie. shelves) that I'd probably have to remove, but I could otherwise pad the walls and feel relatively confident skulls weren't being busted.

the small fry will very likely spend the first half a year sleeping in our room, so the sleep sharing room wouldn't need to happen until (hopefully) the lil' booger was a little more consistent and less likely to wake the Prof 83 times a night (I, on the other hand, will definitely still be awoken each night a plenty).

so...yeah. thoughts?

I've never done the two small children thing. I, honestly, have NO idea what the hell I'm doing...

ps. re: the dining room color. it was supposed to be green. honest.

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Big Mike said...

its all good as long as I keep my pants on.

I'm sure it would have been all good if you'd kept your pants on in the first place.