Monday, March 8, 2010

to doo-doo

things that MUST be done. today (...ish):

-bathe. oqui had a dream the other night that I was walking around in hotpants leaking spaghetti from my rear with marathon runner's diarrhea. he was horrified as noodles squirmed out of my ass in public despite his efforts to "cover me up for god's sake!". I think the kind sir doth not appreciate where personal hygiene falls on my daily priority list (hey, these mofos gotta eat and there's but so much time in a day) I'm gonna take me a nice warm bath. quickly...before the Prof gets up.

-get outside. I'm tired. I'm lazy. this neighborhood is about as visually appealing as a tenement, but it looks kinda nice outside I think we'll go. shame I can't fit the jogging stroller in the car (wait. I just remembered I don't have my car. duh) or I could try to take the Prof for a stroll over roots, rocks and branches in the woods. the back carrier is OUT OF THE QUESTION at 7 months pregnant, though. shit. I can barely walk as it is. mayhaps another time for the woods.

-solidify my plans for the opah's b-day gift. I'm a hippy gift giver (ie. rarely purchasing anything, but making it, instead) however, he's been sending me "hint" e-mails for things he'd like to see me buy. I've got several things up my sleeve, but am having trouble choosing one. just can't seem to pull the trigger. I guess we'll just see, oqui...

-make SOME progress SOMEHOW on the planning of colors, layout, etc with either the nursery, dining room, living room or the Prof's room. this stuff has to get done before a: I give birth or b: we run out of money to finish it (if we haven't already. I think we might have) If I choose just one furniture arrangement or color scheme...I will be pleased.

-nap. I'm really tired.

things to do this week FOR REALZ THIS TIME:

-organize my craft closet. this means putting up some shelves to get stuff out of boxes. I'm feeling creatively bankrupt, the feng shui up in this piece is seriously blocked by all these boxes, and I desperately want to be able to make some inspired decisions. clearing the clutter should do that...

I hope.

-return my grandfather's totes, ladder, utility knives, etc. if that just so happens to facilitate a nice long visit (my grandparents are HILARIOUS)...all the better.

-(joint effort) pick the dining room color. the SECOND dining room color since the first makes oqui puke. again...decision making + teh suki = epic fail.

-get the risers for the Monkey's bed so all the work oqui put into her room the first two weeks in this house isn't wasted because her mattress is still on the floor. I should probably finish sewing her closet curtains and put together her framed artwork, too. we spent $50 on cool fabrics to frame and they are currently chilling in a nice folded pile...somewhere. this is unaccepable.

-pull up the carpets while oqui isn't here to stop me. we're just stalling (cause it's going to be WICKED expensive to remedy) BUT we both hate it. the color all but destroys the extreme awesomeness of our new spiffy gray living room smells like old lady carpet powder. I'ma just do it, then we'll have to deal.

speaking of dealing:

-finish removing the wallpaper from the entry hallway. I went low (ie. did what i could reach without a step ladder because I'm about as coordinated and graceful as a 3 minute old giraffe) and oqui was supposed to go high. I think I shall FORCE him to go (and/or get) high. whatever works to get this damn paper down.

-install the Prof's new/spare/new baby's car seat. we've already passed the point at which we're able to return it, but I 'spose it'll be nice to know if the bammer fits. it's huge. if you don't want to drive an suv or not have children. I currently drive neither and am having issues.

-SEND THE PACKAGE TO C-LINE!!! I put together some maternity clothes and other goodies for a friend in Texas like, I don't know, two months ago...and have yet to send them. she'll only be pregnant another 9 weeks. I'm dropping the ball on this biotch (the package OBVIOUSLY) big time.

but, doooood. I HATE the post office.

-bribe oqui to ship the package.

oh dang. I've done already used up like 93% of naptime and will be hard-pressed to remove the spaghetti from my ass before the Prof wakes up.

see how nothing gets done around here???


Oak said...

Good work on the dining room carpet last night...It looks better and will look slammin': Once we pick a friggin color that works and when we get the floor done.

Please do NOT remove the living room carpet, that's currently serving as a floor blanket for added warmth and a toddler head saver and an acoustic dampener and we can't spend a grand on a rug...yet.

Di you not bathe yet? Couldn't really tell in the exactly 5 minutes we actually spent together last night.

Woodsen will occur once the next junior pops out and I can carry one of em on the trails. Speaking of trails, maybe if the weather is good Sunday we can take a quick stroll.

Saturday we hit the expo and then venture to the St. Patty's day shin dig for a couple of shots of Bushmills and a Guinness.

Hippies love, Red Sox paraphenalia, beer and obviously painting.

Chill out today and plan, no action, just plan.

Suki said...

I'm liking this no action plan!

will do, cap'n.